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The Good Person Test

Jesus died to pay the penalty you owe for disobeying God.

Now it's time to make a decision.

Trust Jesus

If you know you've done wrong and you wish to stop doing wrong and obey God*, and you believe that Jesus did die to pay the penalty you owe for breaking God's laws... Jesus gives you the gift of life for eternity.

What do I do next?

  Please carefully consider what you've read here.  

Or you can trust yourself...

If you don't want to let Jesus pay the
penalty you owe for breaking God's laws,
God is not going to force you into heaven.

You've broken God's laws.
You can pay the required penalty yourself.
You are on your own, we have no more buttons for you to click on.

But, please feel free to come back to www.911christ.com

God continues to give you "second" chances until you die...
...will that be tonight?


* This is called repentance.


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