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The Good Person Test

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Root Folder
Going to Heaven
Good Person
Hell - Your Final Answer
Hell is Here and Now
I Will Go To Heaven
Good Person Test Home
Your Last Chance
I've Done Many Things Wrong
I'm Not A Good Person
Your Second Chance
I Don't Know (Unknown)

Have you ever lusted (adultery) (start)
I Have Never Lusted

Yes, I have Blasphemed
Have You Ever Blasphemed (start)
I Have Never Blasphemed

Going To Heaven
We Are All Saved
He Is Dead
Are You Going to Heaven (start)
Saved By Grace
I Do My Best

Hell (start)
Will You Go To Heaven or Hell
You Must Make A Choice

God Forgives Us
The Good News
Why Are You Innocent? (start)
Justice Will Be Served
God is Love
It's Not My Fault
I've Never Done Anything Bad

Have you ever told a lie? (Start)
I'm A Bad Person
I'm Human
I Don't Know What A Liar Is Called
I'm A Liar
What is a liar called?
I've Never Lied

Have you been angry at someone (start)
I've Been Angry At Other People
I've Never Been Angry At Anyone

I'm Not Good - Hell
I Will Go To Hell
Will You Go To Heaven or Hell (start)
Last Chance

What Do I Need To Do Next? (start)
What Is A Good Church?

I'm Human
Have You Ever Stolen Anything? (start)
I've Never Stolen
I'd Be A Stealer
What is a Thief Called?
I Don't Know What A Thief Is Called

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