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Have you ever stolen something?

The Good Person Test

Your Answer: I have never stolen anything.

Stealing means to take something that does not belong to you. The value of the item does not matter. Neither does it matter how old were.

  • Stealing includes leaving work early.
  • Stealing includes taking a candy bar from a store when you were a kid.
  • Taking a pen or even a paper clip that did not belong to you is stealing.
  • Stealing includes taking "cuts" in line.
  • Copying a track from a friend's CD, or downloading copyrighted music from the internet is stealing.
  • Have you ever cheated on a test in school? That is stealing class rank from other students.
  • If you take credit for something God did... you are stealing God's glory. (Remember, all that is good comes from God.)

Have you ever stolen anything?

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