911 Christ - The Good Person Test
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The Good Person Test

Your Answer: I'm heading for heaven.

Whether in a civil court or when you face judgment by God, if you break the law there is a penalty that must be paid.

Imagine that ten years ago someone robbed, tortured, raped and killed your mother. Now that person is stading before a judge and says:

"Judge I have not broken the law for ten years. You are a good judge. You will forgive me and let me go free."

Will the judge let him go free? Would justice be served if the man was set free?

No, the judge will not set the man free. That would not be just.

God, who is perfectly just, can not let you go free. There must be justice, which means you are heading for hell. You admit you've broken God's laws. That's very serious and you must pay the penalty.

The penalty is death (hell).

But Here's the GOOD NEWS!

Someone has stepped in and paid the death penalty on your behalf. Jesus Christ died on the cross, taking all of God's punishment for your sin (breaking God's laws), so that you can go free.

Jesus died so you don't have to. He paid the penalty you owe in FULL.

What do you need to do?

Nothing. If you repent (turn away from disoibey God and start obeying God) and trust that Jesus has paid the penalty you owe for sin... it is done. You are free from your sin and will join God in heaven.

Repentance and faith

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