911 Christ - The Good Person Test
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The Good Person Test

Your Answer: We are living in hell now.

Things may seem bad here. Depression. Hopelessness. But hell is much worse.

With all the evil in the world, this can seem like a terrible place. But there is still some good you can see in the world.

It may be a sunny, warm spring day. It may be a field of fresh fallen snow. You may think of Mother Teresa or an unknown person working in a slum to help people. There may be a song you enjoy or a special movie. You may enjoy sports, building things, fixing a car, or watching a flower wave in a breeze.

No matter how bad things are here, you can still see and enjoy things that are good.

But in hell there is nothing good. NOTHING GOOD

Hell is a place of "gloomy dungeons" (2 Peter 2:4), a place of fire (Matthew 25:41) and torment (Luke 16:23). There are no friends in hell. There are no sunny days, no friends, no comfort. There is no fresh air. No cool drinks. It is the eternal lake of fire. The second death. ...and HELL is FOREVER.

Do you want to go to heaven or hell when you die?

Yes, I am a good person.
 No, I am not a good person.

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