911 Christ - The Good Person Test
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The Good Person Test

What is hell?

That's a god question.

The Bible, and Jesus, talk abut hell much more than they talk about heaven.

A simple way to describe hell is that is is total separation from God, That doesn't sound so bad... unless you understand what that means.

What does separation from God mean?

Everything good comes from God. Everything! There is nothing that is good that does not come from God.

That means there is NOTHING good in hell. Anything you can think of that is good, does not exist in hell.

Friends are good... there are no friends in hell. Not only that, you will be alone, forever. Having someone to talk with is good, so there will not be anyone to talk with. No one to keep you company. No one. You will be alone... in darkness (light is good).

Freedom from pain is good... you will be in pain... all of the time. You will be thirsty. You will be hungry. All the time. Why? Because there is nothing good in hell. No food. No water. And the constant pain of the lake of fire.

Nothing Good

There is no hope in hell... hell never changes. There is no hope that it will ever end. Hell is for eternity. There is no hope of ever getting out. Hell is forever. There is no hope that you will die.

This is justice...
You rejected God...
You disobeyed God...
You chose hell instead of choosing Jesus Christ.

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