911 Christ - The Good Person Test
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The Good Person Test

Your Answer: Yes, I have been really angry at someone.

Jesus said that if you get angry at someone, or call someone a fool, then you have committed murder in your heart. God looks at your thought life.

Image that you have a high-capacity SD card in your head that records all your thoughts for a month. Then we take that SD card, rent a theater, invite all your friends and show what's on the SD card on the big screen? Yikes! That's what God sees... He knows your every thought... and you will be judged on your thoughts, words and what you do. If ANY of these have ever been in violation of God's law, you are guilty. It only takes one crime to make a person a guilty criminal. It only takes one sin to send a person to hell.

What has your thought life been like? Has it always been pleasing to God? Let's look at all your answers and see how you've done:

See The Results Of The Good Person Test

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