911 Christ - The Good Person Test
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The Good Person Test

Your Answer: None of the answers apply to me.

You've said that you are not a good person. Whatever reason you have for saying this, it is not something that will prevent you from going to heaven. Jesus is BIGGER and stronger than anything you can do. Jesus is God. On the cross more happened than his physical body dying. He took on Himself the full wrath of God for everything you've done wrong. He paid your sin debt in full. However, there is one sin Jesus did not pay for. It is the sin of not trusting Jesus Crist as your Savior.

Jesus said that it is better to lose a part of your body -- an eye or a hand -- than to go to hell and still have that eye or hand. Matthew 5:29,30; 18:9

Put your trust in Jesus. Believe that on the cross He did fully and completely pay the penalty you've earned for everything you've done wrong. Jesus paid it in full. There is nothing left for you to do. So trust Jesus. Believe that He truly and fully has paid your sin penaty in FULL. Why? Because He did.

What do you think will happen to you after you die?

Will you go to heaven or hell?

Tell me more about what Jesus did for me.
I'll take hell.

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